Of course, there are many intelligent people in the world. I picked this list from people who are most visible to the general public. 

Ron Paul - Probably the smartest, nicest, most likable person to make it to any level of government -- but those qualities are also his downfall, in a pool of sharks and schiesters.

Dennis Kucinich - If you can take the mind of Kucinich and put it in the body of Mitt Romney, we'de have the next American President. His physical stature is too easy a target for the spinsters to use against him. (Sad)

Richard Dawkins - Scientist/Atheist/talk-show and college campus circuit guru Richard Dawkins is perfect for giving Americans a dose of reality. (Is this possible anymore?)

Amy Goodman - Smart, dedicated, intuitive; Goodman would keep mainstream media in line, fair, and balanced (gulp)

George Soros - Even his $9 billion fortune could not bring down the Bush administration, put given a position of power...

Bill Maher - His ego would get in the way of any pure decisions.
Stephen Colbert - Colbert smart, bus is an entertainer, not a policy maker.
Jon Stewart - Musch like Colbert, Stewart is an entertainer, but would have better chances at being succesful in politics.

Disagreements? Additions?



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