GNN -- Finally, after years of hold-up in Taiwan’s legislature, followed by months of mysterious silence from the American side, a new arms deal for Taiwan has been announced. Taiwan will get about half of what it hoped for from the U.S., and a lot less than the previous, pro-independence administration in Taiwan had wanted.

Critics fear it is already too little, too late, arguing that the ‘balance of power’ across the Taiwan Strait has irreversibly shifted in favor of China. Others point out how difficult it has been historically to invade a country amphibiously.

The office of Taiwan’s new president, Ma Ying-jeou, praised the deal, saying it proved U.S.-Taiwan relations were improving after years of discord between Washington and the former DPP administration.

Ma has been making several diplomatic concessions to China since taking office in May. China has ignored them all, likely because it can, while the ousted DPP bemoans Ma’s strategy as a foolish playing of all his cards. Many believe Ma is actually working for Beijing rather than for his electorate. Ma will now use the arms deal to paint them as paranoid.



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